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The Great Rum Challenge

Can you identify several fine rums in a blind tasting?

Identify Aromas and Flavors

What is The Great Rum Challenge?

The Great Rum Challenge LogoIt’s a delightful exercise in challenging your taste buds and ability to detect aromas in popular brands of rum.

Participants are seated in front of a tasting matte with a small number of rum samples of various styles from several well known rum producing regions.

We’ll show you the rums, discuss the brands and styles and give you the clues to discern the differences among these spirits.

During the tasting session, attendees try to match each blind rum sample with its corresponding product on display.

Are you up for this Great Rum Challenge?

If you’re among the most accurate tasters in the event, you could be invited to join the Rum Jury to participate in tasting events and special travel opportunities to increase your understanding and appreciation of rum.

Rum Jury

Members of the Rum Jury are enthusiastic rum consumers who delight in the discovery of new rums, enjoy rum tasting events, love to travel to distilleries to increase their knowledge of rum production, and serve as judges in blind tasting competitions.

The annual Rum Jury Awards recognize outstanding achievement by rum producers and help track the evolving tastes, preferences and proclivities of American Rum consumers.