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Consumer Rum Jury Application

I believe I am qualified to be a member of the Consumer Rum Jury.

  • I am a serious rum enthusiast with a wide range of experience tasting rums of many types.
  • If invited, I can make myself available as a judge for special blind tasting events.
  • I get along with other people and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow rum enthusiasts.
  • I’m willing to share some basic information about myself (as well as a photo) publicly on the web page for the Consumer Rum Jury.

Please accept my application and reply at your soonest convenience.

Consumer Rum Jury application

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Rum Jury

Members of the Rum Jury are enthusiastic rum consumers who delight in the discovery of new rums, enjoy rum tasting events, love to travel to distilleries to increase their knowledge of rum production, and serve as judges in blind tasting competitions.

The annual Rum Jury Awards recognize outstanding achievement by rum producers and help track the evolving tastes, preferences and proclivities of American Rum consumers.