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The Rum Jury

a Group for Serious Rum Enthusiasts and Collectors
The Rum Jury

What is the Rum Jury?

The Rum Jury is a unique group of individuals that enjoy the discovery and appreciation of fine rums from all over the world. They appreciate spending quality time with like-minded friends, are invited to engage in some unique rum-themed activities, and participate as judges in sophisticated blind tasting competitions.

Special Rum Events

Rum tasting events are a delightful way to meet friends, enjoy some quality rum and learn more about the many styles and variations in the world of rum.

The Great Rum Challenge is a chance to test your skills at evaluating the aromas and flavors of some exceptional rums. Those that show a talent for recognizing the distinctive profiles of rum spirits may be invited to participate as judges in rum tasting competitions.

Tasting Competitions

Once a year, members of the Rum Jury are invited to participate as judges in a prestigious rum tasting competition organized by the International Rum Expert Panel (RumXP).

The results of this blind tasting — the Consumer Rum Jury Awards — help to guage the popularity of various rums on the market, signal trends and offer a valuable focus group for rum producers.

Rum Jury

Members of the Rum Jury are enthusiastic rum consumers who delight in the discovery of new rums, enjoy rum tasting events, love to travel to distilleries to increase their knowledge of rum production, and serve as judges in blind tasting competitions.

The annual Rum Jury Awards recognize outstanding achievement by rum producers and help track the evolving tastes, preferences and proclivities of American Rum consumers.

The Great Rum Challenge